About Pouya

Persian Calligraphy Meets Modern Art

Pouya Mirzadeh the Iranian born abstract artist has increasingly pushed the envelope of traditional Persian calligraphy to showcase the beauty of calligraphy in an abstract and contemporary form. Trademarks of Pouya and his unique artistic style include:

• Modern: Pouya brings old world Persian calligraphy into the twenty-first century with modern technology, particularly digital coloring techniques. This allows bold and bright coloring creating art that pops. This technique results in beautiful, eye catching modern décor. The bold colors and classic designs of Pouya’s Persian calligraphy artnaturally become the focal point of any room.

• Inspired:  When crafting his unique modern décor, Pouya is inspired by beloved quotes from famous Persian poets. The works of such Persian poets as Rumi are heavily represented in Pouya’s art. Many of Pouya’s pieces feature the use of the Persian word for love, “Eshgh” as seen in many scripts and poems by "Rumi". 

• Bold: Defiance of traditional grammar and language structure make every piece of unique modern art produced by Pouya bold and undaunted. By bending the rules of Farsi grammar, Pouya creates art that is modern and abstract while remaining rooted in the beautiful Persian calligraphy that has intrigued and inspired him.

• Versatile: Pouya’s personality shines through in every piece of artwork and is reflected in the flexibility in presentation offered byArtByPouya. Pouya creates the art, but you can custom design the way you want it presented in your home. From stunning metal or canvas prints to hang on the wall as a centerpiece, to a number of creative home décor items, Pouya makes his unique melding of traditional Persian calligraphy and abstract art versatile and accessible to all.

• Unique: Many of Pouya’s art works feature layering words in Persian calligraphycreating an impressive and uncommon display that evokes intrigue and interest in all who view the artwork. As in much modern Persian calligraphy, the artistry sometimes supplants the legibility of the lettering itself. In Pouya’s artistic work, key words are layered and repeated on the medium as an outpouring of artistic expression. This leads to stunning visual art whose abstract beauty enhances the beauty of the poets’ words.

Pouya’s art makes a perfect addition to any home or apartment with either classic or modern and contemporary home furnishing. Whether you are looking for stylish décor for your own home or looking for the perfect housewarming or wedding gift, Pouya’s unique blending of traditional Persian calligraphy and modern abstract art makes the perfect addition to any home décor. Thematic home décor items help you bring the beautiful and unique artwork of Pouya into every area of your home, creating a unified contemporary style that is sure to turn heads.