Wall Art Categories

Uniquely Designed Wall Art for Modern and Contemporary Home Décor

Art by Pouya offers a variety of mediums to display the stylish, chic wall art created by the marriage of traditional Persian calligraphy with modern techniques and abstract styling. In addition to the uniquely designed modern décor, Art by Pouya offers both canvas and metal print options for all of Pouya’s abstract wall art.

Whether you choose a metal print or a canvass print, Pouya creates your uniquely designed wall décor using his signature process:

1. First, Pouya hand writes the script in flowing Persian calligraphy on a large canvas or paper
2. Next, Pouya photographs the calligraphy
3. Pouya then uses digital technics to add stunning color, textures, shadows, and other visual effects to his work
4. Lastly, the final work is printed on canvas or metal surface, creating your personalized wall art

Canvas Prints that Pop

Pouya’s canvas prints add style and color to any home décor. These stunning prints are available in a chic museum wrap. The museum wrap is achieved by wrapping the art over the edges of the wooden stretcher frame. This allows the edges of the image to be seen from all sides, creating a striking visual effect from any side or angle the art is viewed from.

Art by Pouya offers all any of the artist’s work on a variety of standard and custom museum wrap canvas print frames. Every canvass print features:

• Protective UV coating to ensure long lasting brilliance
• Ready to display hanging hardware
• Pouya’s distinctive blending of traditional Persian calligraphy and modern, abstract art technique

Perfect for when you update your home décor or as a unique gift idea, a designed canvas print by Pouya is the perfect complement to any classic and contemporary home décor. These pieces of art stand alone beautifully and are even better when displayed together with Art by Pouya’s stylish and affordable home décor pieces.


Metal Prints:  Stunning Unconventional Wall Art

The ultra-contemporary metal prints provide a stylish, yet chic wall art pieces. Custom made using the art and dimensions of your choice, Pouya’s creations are brought to live in incomparable brilliance on these brushed aluminum plates.

The infusion process used to add Pouya’s artwork to the aluminum plates locks the color below the surface, ensuring outstanding durability and long lasting brilliance. The traditional Persian calligraphy takes on an entirely new and vivid personality when displayed on metal prints.

Every metal print produced by Art by Pouya is:

• Waterproof
• Durable
• Scratch resistant
• Brilliantly colored

Each metal print features a float mount bracket which holds the art ½” from the wall, creating the illusion that the art is floating in front of the wall while also providing for stable, secure mounting.